The Sustainability Book

SDG: 13

Climate action

SDG 13: Climate action


  • How can our faith in God as Creator motivate us to help stop climate change and to improve people’s readiness to adapt to climate change?
  • The Old Testament portrays the rainbow as a sign of God’s covenant and his promise that he will not destroy creation. Does this understanding have relevance today?

SDG 13: Climate action


We cannot solve the climate crisis unless politicians take action. How can you challenge politicians at the local and national level to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement?

SDG 13: Climate action


Lord, we feel your creation groaning Under the weight of our incessant striving. Grant us the grace to help us turn around, Even when the changes cost. Along with the rest of creation, we yearn for life and health for our earth. Give us strength in our struggle and our hope. We commit everything and everyone, into your hands, Lord. Amen.