The Sustainability Book

SDG: 14

Life below water

SDG 14: Life below water


  • Psalm 104 encourages awe of life below water. What could be the reason why this topic has rarely received attention in Christian preaching?
  • How can awe of life underwater come to expression in churches and in society?

SDG 14: Life below water


How can you change your consumption and your daily routines to reduce the amount of plastic waste that makes its way to the ocean?

Do you know of companies that you can challenge to reduce their contribution to plastic waste in the ocean?

SDG 14: Life below water


Lord, you who know the depths of the sea, Forgive us for our pollution and destruction. Grant us wisdom and new chances To let the fish swim and the waves break freely, And to harvest the oceans wisely and with gratitude. We commit everything and everyone, into your hands, Lord. Amen.