The Sustainability Book

SDG: 15

Life on land

SDG 15: Life on land


  • The verb “to steward” means to manage property on behalf of someone else. What do we mean when we say that humans have a special responsibility to steward creation and all life on earth?
  • What does it mean when we say that we humans are related to all life on earth?

SDG 15: Life on land


Preserving life on land is a matter for international, national and local politics. Can you think of examples of dilemmas where nature conservation is pitted against other interests? What can we do to become better at taking care of nature?

SDG 15: Life on land


Father God, you who have given life to everything that crawls, creeps and flies, Awaken our awe of all living things. Help us tread carefully and let diversity flourish. Thank you for everything that belongs to the whole. Teach us to find our place in your teeming world. We commit everything and everyone, into your hands, Lord. Amen.